Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry

The dentristry field that involves the prevention and promotion of oral health.

Smiles Only καθαρισμός δοντιών!

With the use of state of the art ultrasound and other  manual dental tools when needed ,cleaning is a quick and painless yet rather important procedure in order to maintain oral and especially gum health. It must occur every six months while it is accompanied by air flow polishing and polishing for whitening that will result in  a bright smile.

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Detailed  check of the not only of the teeth but also of the oral cavity, of the mucus membranes, of the tongue etc.  so as to detect early any problems and restore them. When necessary the use of analysis dental tomography is of great assistance for the detection of possible  damages.

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An important procedure in order to brush our teeth in  proper way several times in a day for enough  time in each brushing.

We also introduce instructions on how to use the rest of the dental means of dental health such as   dental floss or interdental brushes.

Smile Only, Φθορίωση.

Up to the age of fourteen or thereafter, fluoridation is an simple and essential procedure where a small tray is filled with the fluoride substance and is placed in the patient’s mouth for one minute.

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