Prosthodontics dentistry

Prosthodontics dentistry

The dentistry field that deals with the replacement of missing teeth by means of  fixed or removal prosthetics.

Immovable prosthetics on teeth or implants.

They are the most common forms of immovable prosthesis either as a crown “caps” (1 tooth) or as bridges. They are reliable and durable as the metal ensures durability while it is aesthetically acceptable due to porcelain. However, due to the dark color of the metal and the opacity placed on it, the wall of the porcelain crystals is small and so the tooth does not show the “vivid” natural hue. However, even today it is a decent and affordable solution especially for the posterior teeth sins it combines strength and aesthetics.

Zirconium is a metal that is white in color and thus does not need to be covered with opacity. As a result, the porcelain wall is enough and the dental work has a perfect aesthetic result without falling short in terms of of resistance since it is very durable.

They are dental prosthetic works exclusively made of porcelain and therefore give the best aesthetic effect. However, due to the absence of metal, they are not extremely durable despite the significant improvement in this field due to new techniques.

Movable Prosthetics

The total denture replaces the entire dental arch of a jaw and is the oldest and most economical way of restoration. In recent years, it is possible to place a total denture on implants, a technique that greatly improves the properties of the total denture in terms of both chewing capacity and tolerance.

The partial dentures are movable prosthetic works that replace one or more teeth and are based either on natural teeth, crowns on teeth or implants.

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