Why us

Nowadays you can have much more than just “a good dentist” for the health and aesthetics of your teeth. Smiles Only meets all requirements that define a dental center as one of international level, thanks to the following points of superiority:

  • Holistic dentistry philosophy
    We can  cover every dental need, for all ages, providing services in all aspects of dentistry. In this context, our scientific team is consisted of specialists in all the fields of dentistry. We also place particular emphasis on prevention, in order to limit invasive dental actions. We collaborate with medical scientists of relevant specialties so that you get maximum safety and complete health care regarding treatments and consulting services that require such “teamwork”.

  • A passionate scientific team
    Our experienced and highly trained scientific personnel has been selected with strict criteria and fulfills the requirements of all the latest developments in dentistry.

  • We care for our patients
    Before proceeding to examination and treatment, we thoroughly discuss with the patient about his/her dental needs and desires. We reward your trust by offering annual individual or family programs as well as loyalty programs.

  • Personalized treatment plans
    Each patient has their own specific needs. That’s why we provide personalized treatment plans based on your personal health profile and your financial abilities, instead of inflexible solutions. We present the patients with detailed information about all available options that meet the criteria of modern dental science, and do not “trap” them within stiff suggestions.

  • We follow the rhythm of our times
    Our extended opening hours, the online appointment option, the location of our clinics which offers easy parking and is close to the airport and to main highways accessible by many public transport means, are advantages that save you time and help you make your own convenient program. A ramp offers easy access for people with disabilities.

  • Prices compatible with each patient’s financial abilities
    At these challenging times, we fully understand your concerns about the financial part. Thanks to the personalized and complete treatment plans we create for you, you avoid unnecessary invasive dental actions that increase costs. Furthermore, with our individual or family “reward” packages, you may rest assured you will make the most cost-effective choices.

  • Special programs especially for patients who visit Athens from abroad
    FLY & SMILE is a special program of our clinic, created especially for patients who visit Athens for a few days. Before any appointment at the clinic, we have long discussions with the patients by phone, e-mail, or other means of remote communication in order to create a detailed and complete treatment plan, which includes long sessions at the clinic. (More info)

  • Innovative services

    Cases of special difficulties are handled with sophisticated care and treatment solutions such as at-home dentistry and in-hospital dentistry with partial sedation or general anesthesia.

  • Collaboration with acknowledged US dental clinics

    We maintain close cooperation with dental and orthodontic US clinics, as well as with internationally renowned experts who offer “second opinion” in special cases.

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